An absolute, one hundred percent effective approach to transform a life or life circumstance to one of complete bliss and perfection. The personal stories will inspire and evoke a deep level of self awareness. Experience brilliantly designed lessons, exercises, tools and techniques that serve as a logical, easy to follow roadmap for a journey towards discovering the miracle of optimism.

By Nicholas Pizzo
(Charleston, SC)

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In Kevin's dynamic and heartfelt workshops, he draws from personal experience and material presented in his newly published bestselling book, The Miracle of Optimism. Kevin leads interactive exercises and teaches bio-spiritual techniques designed to help you realize your highest potential and experience joy everyday of your life! Using the powerful tools of paradox, contrast, expectation and intention, participants learn how to recognize miracles in their lives.


1. Coaching Systems for Business

Elite Performance Systems is designed to provide the kind of "In The Zone" energy required to compete in the high pressure, high stress atmosphere of today's world and business environment. Instead of experiencing burn-out or stress in the face of a changing world, those trained with Business Coaching Systems will rise within their industry and achieve peak performance.

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2. The Athletes Advantage System

Creating Peak Performance is not a matter of chance but choice. It is the goal of this system to help athletes understand their own responsibility of achieving their highest level of excellence. True excellence comes from within, not without. It comes from one's heart connection to the essence of athletic competition, the spirit of sport. 

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 3. The Student Leadership System

Leaders are made not born. This system teaches the skills, characteristics, and behaviors of superior leadership. The components of this system will enable the potential leader to accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, seeing themselves as the primary cause of their outcomes and experiences. The system provides the impetus leader needs to become SELF MOTIVATION, and includes the skills of motivating others.

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4. The Training System for School Educators and Administrators

The pressures for educators and administrators to perform in the professional environment are at an all time high. It is important each individual develop the ability to respond in an emotionally intelligent manner to the deluge of demands and priorities. This system promises to help the professional to respond with more focused, well reasoned, and thoughtful decisions. In addition, the program promises to increase productivity, clarity of thinking, intuitive thinking, and an explosion of energy.

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5. The Life Success System for At-Risk Students

Personal transformation is not just a matter of working on the thought process of the at-risk student. In order to make any change in the student's attitude and behavior, it is imperative the feeling and emotional state of the student also be transformed. The reason this program has had an impact is because the students learn to respond differently to the same situations. The physiological components of the system provide practical tools training the student to recognize the negative energy drains and transform them to powerful responses. It is imperative for the at-risk student to operate from a place of positive energy because it is impossible for a student with a negative motivation system to sustain energy over a long period of time. So they revert back to old behaviors.

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